Why Canada’s Largest Cities Are So Happy

With each Canadian city seeming to have happier, or as least as happy, residents than the last, it’s no surprise the entire country ranks well above the average happiness found throughout the world. “It’s so cold, how can they be happy?” an outsider might be thinking and while that’s true in certain areas of the country, a statement like that is hardly reflective of most major Canadian cities.

If you can’t imagine what makes everyone so happy throughout Canada, some of the reasons might seem obvious but there’s other you might have never guessed. If you are looking to learn about it yourself, here’s some of the major aspects of Canadian life that’s making their city dwellers so happy. 

Beautiful Surroundings

When looking at any Canadian city, each is a treasure in its own way. To be more specific, take a cursory glance through each city’s most popular neighborhoods. There’s going to be something in each one, and that’s a guarantee, which would have anyone (resident or tourist) smiling ear to ear.

Take the legend of Gassy Jack in Vancouver, and the way he still lives on in Gastown, or the pure architectural beauty found in any of the major cities. For the curious, don’t feel like you have to travel to understand what’s making everyone so happy. Even something as simple as looking at Ottawa homes for sale online will give you the idea of what’s so magical within Canadian cities.

Nature Is Never Far Away

Don’t think a craving for nature is any indication that residents need to desperately escape from the city they live in. Having nature nearby (or throughout the cities in protected areas) means a happier and healthier lifestyle. It’s as simple as recognizing that those who are more active tend to be not only healthy but also happier. 

Regardless of the city you might be looking at, odds are very high that there’ll be nature and an outlet for physical activity that won’t require locals to travel too far. For some happy Canadians, they’ll have their weeknight bike ride and others will take full advantage of having national parks within driving distance of their homes.

Happiness Is Contagious

Sometimes, things are as simple as that. Think about it in your own life, a strong mood, in either direction, can be absolutely contagious. We’ve all had a wonderful interaction with a stranger (someone like a bank teller for example) and the joy from that carried throughout the rest of our day. Without realizing it, we very well might have spread that to everyone one we interacted with throughout the day. Unfortunately, many have experienced the opposite happen as well.

Now, imagine that on a national scale and that’s what it’s like in all Canadian cities. Canada has  a national reputation for being nice, polite, and happy and the impact of that is not to be understated. One happy person can make all the difference and multiple cites full of people like that are what’s going to shape a nation’s identity.

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