What Should You Know About Custom Number Plates In The UK?

When you wish to transform your vehicle, then you can think about purchasing a custom number plate. While many countries allow such kinds of plates, people can also use them in the United States. But, before you think about personalizing your car, certain things must be on your mind.

So, in this article, we will cover more about custom number plates for regions across the UK. If you want your vehicle to look great and stand out while you’re driving it in the city, you can choose from 3d gel number plates.

How can you be sure whether the number plate is legal?

As you go through the registration process, you must follow certain standards. Once you follow everything, then you will not get caught in legal problems. Hence, when buying a number plate, you must get it from trustworthy sellers. Now, let’s check out the standards in detail.

    • Once you fit the number plate on the vehicle, it should be clearly visible. People must be able to read the registration number of the vehicle. Besides, the number plate must also provide essential information regarding the vehicle.
    • Soon after you select a number plate, you must make sure whether the letters are printed on a yellow or white colored background. Beyond this standard, you must also ensure proper spacing between the different characters.
    • While the number plate displays the characters correctly, it should not have a background pattern. Besides, the characters must be in the same and an acceptable font. The number plate must also not be designed from a reflective material. If the material is quite different, it will reflect light and produce excess brightness.
    • Even when you choose a plate from 4d number plates, it must display the black characters on the background. But, when you choose a plate, the characters should be on white background only when you’re going to fit the number plate towards the front end. Conversely, the characters should also appear on a yellow background if you have to fit it towards the rear end.

In the end, you must look for a number plate only from the DVLA. Apart from this, you can also get the number plate from a broker or a private sales outlet. If you’re seeking a number plate online, you can use a search tool, enter the initials, and go through the collection.

What is the price of a custom number plate?

Before you think about applying for a custom number plate, the vehicle must be eligible, and it should meet certain criteria. Once you apply for the number plate, you will have to pay hundreds of pounds.

However, you will have to pay £80 to transfer the private registration to another vehicle. In some cases, the number plate can even be available at a high price. Moreover, the expenses can increase depending on the character combination and the type of the number plate.

If there are less number of characters or numbers, then the overall price can also be high. On the other hand, when you consider something from hex number plates, the price can increase due to the uniqueness of the overall design.

What are the different types of number plates available in the UK?

When choosing a number plate, you can think about a private number plate or something designed with a current style. But, if you don’t want to display the date of registration, then you can opt for a dateless number plate. You can also think of a Northern Irish number plate if you don’t want to reveal the year of manufacture.


Before you consider fitting a custom number plate, you must always check whether the plate is as per UK standards. Once you fit the plate, the numbers and the characters must be clearly visible from a distance. The characters and the numbers must also be printed on a yellow or white background. Moreover, you can think about getting a private, Northern Irish, or a dateless number plate.


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