What is Road Rage and is it a Criminal Offense?

Road Rage is also a criminal offense because you are taking your anger out on someone else. You’re letting your temper loose on somebody who didn’t do anything to you. That’s against the law. Any auto body shop will guide you regarding the several detrimental effects of road rage. 

By definition, an assault can be classified as aggravated assault or simple assault. If the conduct committed is considered more serious than normal it may be considered aggravated. If an assault causes bodily injury or threat of bodily injury it is considered aggravated assault. 

Road rage is one of the most common occurrences among drivers across the United States. It has been mentioned in a variety of different publications including newspapers, magazines, and even on television.  There are many factors that can cause road rage from being an inconvenience to being dangerous. In this article, we will focus only on the negative road rage situations and how people have reacted to them. 

Road rage will often begin with someone experiencing an inconvenience. An incident that had occurred on the road may have triggered the road rage. This can be anything from a rear-end collision to an error made by the other driver. A rear-end collision is not uncommon on North American roads, but it can quickly turn into something deadly if both drivers start to run their vehicles. An example of this would be a driver who runs over someone at a stoplight who happens to be holding a sign saying “No Parking.” Frequent collision repair by auto body shops can be avoided by avoiding indulging in road rage.

An error made by a driver can also cause a person to become angry. This is something that is much more common than it seems. Many people have found themselves pulling out in front of someone else who was speeding up to beat the light. The other person could have been going as fast as 20 km/h or as slow as 5 km/h. Every mechanic shop will advice you to avoid over speeding especially when you are driving on any congested road. 

Not only do the above factors cause people to become angry, but also other things can also cause road rage to occur. For example, if someone feels like they are being ignored by the police while trying to report an incident on the roads, they may go into a rage because of this feeling of being ignored

If the conduct is not considered serious, it is considered simple assault. It includes such things as assault or threat of execution of the violent act, and making false imprisonment. But in most cases, the conduct would be considered simple assault. 

In most states, a threat is considered a criminal offense. It is a threat to commit a violent crime. It includes the threat to kill or injure another person, threatening to burn someone’s home, property, or personal belongings, which would be considered arson. Threatening an individual for his or her own possessions may be classified as robbery or extortion. As in all cases with the law—the severity of the crime depends on the circumstances and the intent of the accused individual.

Road rage is the act of using your car as a weapon to retaliate against other road users in a multitude of ways. This includes actions such as the following; 

While it is not a crime to engage in road rage, there are ways that it may be considered a criminal offense. The use of weapons or the threat of using weapons against another person while driving is considered assault with a deadly weapon.  

Many times, the perpetrators are able to get off without charges because it can be difficult to make an arrest for this type of offense. However, if the case gets prosecuted, the punishment for assault with a deadly weapon, in this case, the automobile, can be anywhere from one year in county jail to three years in state prison. It is not uncommon for several casualties to occur as a result of road rage, which can quickly turn any citizen into a murderer. 

You can save several lives by being aware of the various dangers of enraged driving. It is not only harmful to your vehicle but is severely dangerous for people you are traveling with as well as others on the road. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

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