What is BSAU145e Standard Number Plate?

From 1 September 2021 onwards, the new BSAU145e standard of registration number plate will be enforced in the UK.

Let’s look at the BSAU145e standard number plate in detail and what it implies for drivers in the United Kingdom.

What does a BSAU145e standard mean?

Listed below are the changes in text-format.

Borders – In some countries, the length of your vehicle’s number plate is restricted. The border around your registration digits must not be thicker than 5 millimetres (mm). This was decreased from 6mm on the registration plates previously. One single rock-solid, non-reflecting colour must be used for the border and it should not approach closer than 10 mm on the reg numbers.

Artwork – Artwork on the bottom side of the reg number plate needs to be 3 mm to 8 mm high. This should be in a single, non-reflective colour.

Digits – The number plate digits must be purely black, therefore it should be void of 2-tone colours or 3D effect.

The BS mark – BSAU145e mark should be displayed in the manufacturer’s mark, usually on the bottom corner of a plate.

Size – As a result of the unified numbering system, vehicle registrations and number plates for motorcycles do not change. The size of regular oblong shaped reg plates (520 mm x 11 mm) remains the same, as does the size of lipped registrations (520 mm x 125 mm).

Now, what about reg plates for motorbikes and 4x4s? You may well be wondering whether or not they’re covered by the BSAU145e regulations. The below rules of BSAU145e standard plate for a motorcycle must be followed.

Size – The dimension of  motorbike plate has changed: it should be 237 mm x 178 mm, as opposed to the old figure of 62.5 by 37.5mm.

Digits – Once again, 3D effect or dual-tones are not allowed, and a solid black colour is the only colour that is allowed.

Artwork – The art work in the middle of the reg number plate at the bottom should be 3 mm and 8 mm high in a non-reflective colour, just like the normal requirement.

Borders – They should not be thicker than five mm and made of a single solid non-reflective colour. The border should not come nearer than ten mm to the reg digits.

BS Mark – The BS mark should be displayed in the manufacturer’s mark, which should be imprinted in the right corner on the bottom of the reg plate.

As for 4×4 number plates, everything previously stated applies, with the exception of size guidelines.

What does the new standard mean for vehicle owners?

If you’re driving a vehicle with a pre-existing number plate and don’t intend to alter it, the response is nothing; it won’t affect you in any way.

If a vehicle owner buys a personalised reg plate in the United Kingdom after 01 September 2021 onwards, then it should adhere to the BSAU145e criteria.

Where to purchase a BSAU145e standard number plate?

You can buy BSAU145e standard number plate from any one of the trustworthy number plate makers in the United Kingdom, you’ll receive a fresh licence plates that follows the BSAU145e standards.

Why not purchase a private reg plate for your vehicle?

If you’re looking for a new reg number plate for your vehicle, have a look at National Numbers. Check out the National Numbers website and find the perfect, personalised number plate for your vehicle today.

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