What are the properties of hemp oil, CBD Oil, HTC Oil?

The properties of cannabis are powerful. Cause relaxation Feeling joyful, euphoric, blissful, reducing anxiety Dronabinol / THC in cannabis extract is used as a therapeutic drug for the following symptoms, such as:

  • Nausea Vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. And it does not respond to existing nausea and vomiting medication.
  • Stimulates appetite for AIDS patients or terminal cancer patients.

Hemp oil extraction method by yourself easily.

What types of cannabis extracts are available for sale?

  • cbd öl Dronabinol 2.5, 5, and 10 mg/capsule oral capsules
  • The tincture is dripped under the tongue.
  • It is supplied in soft capsules (Softgelatin capsule) for oral use.
  • They are used as a component of lotions and ointments to relieve pain in the body.

What is the mechanism of action of cannabis?

The mechanism of action for THC in cannabis is that THC binds to a receptor in the brain known as the Cannabinoid receptor, which affects memory. Consciousness and thought, including balance in body movement and appetite Scientists, have applied the mechanism of action that stimulates appetite and reduces nausea in clinical practice in AIDS and cancer patients requiring chemotherapy. and terminal cancer.

What is the dosage for cannabis extract?

Cannabis extract pills are available in the following dosages:

1. For stimulating appetite:

  • Adults: Take 2.5 mg twice a day before meals if the patient has had any side effects (side effects) of this drug. The oral dose can be reduced to 2.5 mg once a day, before meals. The maximum oral dose is 20 mg/day. divided by eating four times/day.

2. for reducing nausea Vomiting from chemotherapy:

  • Adults: Give the patient 5 mg/m² body surface area 1–3 hours before chemotherapy. Administer this medication every 2–4 hours after chemotherapy. The frequency of illness was 4–6 times/day if the patient’s response had not improved. In addition, the patient had no side effects from the drug. Can increase the size of eating at another 2.5 times mg/m² body surface area or use as directed by a physician.


  • Children: There are no definitive educational data on the use of this drug in children. The use of this drug in children must be at the treating physician’s discretion.
  • This medication should be taken before meals.

 Note: Dosage and duration of use of drugs listed in this article. This is just one example and cannot substitute for your doctor’s prescription. Proper use of medications should always be consulted with your doctor or pharmacist first.

Who is Uncle Tu Banthoon Niimapha?

Uncle Tu Banthoon Niimapha is a pioneer. The use of cannabis to treat cancer, especially in Thailand, But the use of males is still illegal in Thailand, so it has to be produced. Hemp oil extracted in Laos has helped many cancer patients. until receiving Lao citizenship as a reward.

Can CBD help with chronic skin conditions?

Opinion from cosmetic surgery specialists And training world-class beauty knowledge from England, Dr.Jonquille Chantrey said, “There is little hope in the evidence. Based on other data, it is claimed that cbd öl has become increasingly popular in psoriasis patients with natural remedies.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping to relieve skin inflammation in psoriasis. CBD oil has also been beneficial for people with acne problems. It was found that it helps to reduce the production of oil coating (Sebum), thereby reducing the problem of acne inflammation. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cannabis Beauty’s Invasion Trend 

Cannabis Beauty, the beauty trend from the cannabis plant family. Has stepped openly and developed an upgrade to more luxury Nowadays, many beauty products contain CBD or cannabidiol and cbd öl, in packaging branded by well-known brands and recognized in the global beauty business.

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