Ways To Add Extra Value To Your Online Courses

The most basic but important element that increases the value of your online courses is the quality of the content. However, there are many other ways of adding value to your course that helps you in standing out from the crowd. 

Here is a list of ways to add extra value to your online courses:

  • Provide Pre-Course Resources

Every person is sceptical about investing their money in anything and when it comes to online courses, it is nothing different. Your potential customers should understand that you will provide them with more than they have invested. For this purpose, you can give them a free mini-course, share reviews and feedback of previous customers, share study tips and other course-related anecdotes. 

  • Host Live Q&As

To solve the doubts and queries of your prospects, you can host live Q&A sessions. Holding such sessions before and after launching your course helps convert your potential customers to understand your course better and clear their doubts and share feedback as well. When you conduct such sessions before launching your course, you would have the chance of selling your courses more.

  • Create a Community 

Creating a student community helps the learners to connect, interact and share their ideas and experiences. You can create such a community for them on Facebook or WhatsApp or if you have your online courses app, you can also help them connect through it. 

  • Teach Something Specific

Outline your course and decide a niche that you want to create content in. this way, you will be teaching exactly what your target audience is looking for and hence, add value to them as well as make better sales.

  • Include Downloadable Resources

Providing important files and study material after each session to learners so that they can have a better understanding of the topic or have a course route, is a great way of adding value.

  • Improve the Production Quality of Your Video

To improve the production quality of your courses you can use professional tools or hire professionals who are experts in it. Improving the production quality of video helps attract more customers.

  • Flexible Payment Options

Not every person who wishes to buy your course will have enough money to make a lump-sum payment. This way, you may lose many potential customers. Providing a flexible payment method such as payment on a weekly or monthly basis, or in instalments is one way of attracting customers. Also, giving them access to demo classes or free trials is another way of adding value.

  • Offer a Course Completion Certificate

Certificates are proof that the learners have successfully finished their course and acquired knowledge. They can use it to show it to the world or simply add it to their resume. It will also motivate them to complete the course and boost their confidence as they keep on completing modules and pass tests and quizzes one after the other.

These were some of the simple yet powerful ways of adding extra value to not only your online courses but also to the learners. 

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