Veritas Global Protection: Benefits of Exotic Car Coverage

Exotic vehicles are high-end vehicles that are manufactured overseas. Popular brands of exotic vehicles include; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Buggati, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and the like.

While owning these vehicles is a luxury few can afford, it comes with many challenges. First of all, finding genuine parts is a challenge.

Secondly, finding a qualified mechanic to service or repair exotic vehicles is a monumental task. It may cost the owner thousands of dollars to fix a simple issue. The repairs may also take several days, or even weeks, to complete as parts have to be sourced overseas or from an authorized dealership located on the other side of the country.

The good news is that Veritas Global Protection has three types of exotic vehicle protection plans to meet the coverage needs of different types of exotic car owners.

The Importance of Having an Exotic Vehicle Protection Plan

1. Fill Coverage Gaps

Vehicle protection plans are designed to fill coverage gaps. Therefore, if your manufacturer warranty does not cover specific components, you can purchase an exotic vehicle protection plan that covers those components. You will not have an issue when you need to repair or replace the components.

2. Avoid Lumpsum Payments

Exotic vehicle owners are usually high-net-worth individuals, but nobody likes forking-out large sums of cash to pay for repairs or maintenance.

Vehicle protection plans, including exotic vehicle protection, solve this problem by allowing clients to pay premiums in multiple installments.

Clients usually start paying for their contracts when their vehicles are in good condition. Therefore, there is ample time to pay the whole sum in small bits. When the car breaks down, the owner will not feel any pinch as they will not pay the repair cost in lumpsum.

3. Get Services From a Qualified Mechanic

Exotic vehicles are unique, so they have to be handled by mechanics who have been trained and certified to repair and service these vehicles.

Before unveiling the exotic vehicle protection plan, Veritas Global Protection identified auto repair shops with experienced mechanics qualified to maintain and repair exotic cars.

Therefore, when a car needs to be serviced or repaired, the owner will not have difficulty finding a qualified mechanic. As a result, the owner will have peace of mind when driving.

4. Bonus Roadside Assistance and Rental Car


 A picture of a car broken down on the side of the road, waiting for roadside assistance.]

When a vehicle breaks down, the owner can waste a lot of time waiting for a tow truck to come and take their car to a local auto repair shop. More time will be lost when waiting for the completion of repairs.

Some repairs can take hours or even days. One of the benefits of having an exotic vehicle protection plan is that Veritas Global Protection offers free roadside assistance.

Therefore, clients don’t have to hire a tow truck. Secondly, the company will provide a free rental car for the duration of repairs. While other companies have strict rules regarding the rental car, Veritas Global Protection offers the service immediately regardless of how long the repairs take.

Veritas’ Exotic Vehicle Protection Plans

Veritas Global protection has several exotic plans to provide clients with options when selecting a plan that best suits their needs. The following is a brief highlight of Veritas Exotic plans.

Exotic Preferred

This plan offers coverage for the powertrain of the exotic car and a selected list of components that are most likely to fail. The exotic preferred plan is the most basic vehicle protection plan for exotic vehicles.

Check the list of covered components to determine whether this plan best suits your needs. Some of the excluded components include; the suspension, seals and gaskets, and the fuel system.

Partial coverage is provided for specified components in the braking system, cooling system, electrical components, and air conditioning system. Service contracts typically contain more details on the included and excluded components.

Exotic Deluxe

This exotic vehicle protection plan covers everything covered under the deluxe plan and many other major components of an exotic vehicle.

This includes the fuel and suspension systems and a long list of electrical components. This means the exotic deluxe protection plan offers better coverage than the preferred one.

However, the plan also costs more than the preferred plan, so exotic vehicle owners need to keep this in mind. Please note that this plan does not cover seals and gaskets, even those connected with replacing a covered component.

This means that vehicle owners must pay for gaskets and seals when a covered component must be replaced. This is crucial because old gaskets and seals should never be used with new components.

Exotic Premier

This plan offers the best level of coverage for exotic vehicles. The exotic premier protection plan covers nearly all mechanical parts in an exotic vehicle. Any component that is not covered is listed in the contract, so exotic vehicle owners must read their contracts carefully to identify components that are not covered.

Routine maintenance procedures, such as oil changes and brake pad replacement, are excluded from coverage. Gaskets and seals are not covered unless a covered part is replaced. New seals and gaskets will be installed in that part of the vehicle.

It is important to note that exotic vehicle owners are entitled to free roadside assistance and rental car service with all these exotic plans. This means that Veritas protection plans offer great value for money. Consumers must always read service contracts before committing themselves.

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