Top Gadgets for Your Car

New launching car models are brimming with tech gadgets making the cars more useful, entertaining, and secure at the same time. With a revolution of smartphones and smart tech gadgets, how can we leave cars behind? These gadgets prove to be highly useful in the long run with their versatile functionalities. No worries if you don’t own a smart car, with these gadgets you can jazz up your driving experience with increased safety and value.


Dashcam records your road trip throughout and can also work during the parking state. The main characteristic of a dashcam that has earned it the top position in the essential car gadgets list is that it ensures both security and fun. It keeps a check on theft, car scratching, and suspicious surrounding activities during a car’s parking state whereas in the driving state it records the overall car journey. This can be beneficial for a  number of reasons like parents can monitor and track their children’s driving, keep track of irresponsible drivers, a piece of well-protected evidence in case of accidents, prevent fraud, and discourage inside-vehicle crime. For the fun part, with the dashcams, you can save your whole road journey and cherish those memories of the scenic road trip or long drive with your loved ones later on. A dash cam can also capture the unusual and you will be amazed by what you find out afterward in the footage.

Bluetooth Reciever

Phone usage while driving creates a diversion while driving and has been leading to a gigantic number of car accidents. Using BlueTooth to attend to the incoming calls can reduce the chances of car accident risk by a great margin. It connects your car stereo to your phone and you can play and switch music without having to look at your phone. Bluetooth receivers are widely used in newer car models and if your car does not have one built-in, chances are you’re driving a very old model but that doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from Bluetooth receivers. You can get one installed right now and it is an investment worth making. It reduces your screen time during a car ride and eventually minimizes the risk of accidents.

Portable Car Tire Inflator

If you’re planning a long drive, a road trip or you daily have to run your car through a fairly large distance, you might have come across a situation where your car tires have not been performing good and you kept looking for a mechanic in the near vicinity. To avoid this frustrating situation, a portable car tire inflator is a wise investment that you can make. A good tire inflator has features that can let you know the current tire condition and what best can you can balance the air pressure so the tire works properly.
The gadgets and devices that are considered the best are usually the ones that quickly reduce the workload and are easy to use. A portable car tire inflator does both. It gives a speedy solution to your tire’s pressure imbalance and does not need a lot of manpower to operate. You only need to attach the device to the tires and turn it on, the rest is up to the device. It saves you from the stress of looking for a mechanic which is extremely hard to find on a long road trip amidst the outskirts of town.

Head-Up Display

Head-Up Display (HUD) is designed to help the driver visualise the contents on the windshield enabling him to look in the direction of the road and still be able to see all the information at the same time. The is a graphical unit that projects the image of anything to be displayed and the display appears on any transparent surface, in this case, being the car’s windshield. These are the two main components of this Head-up Display system. You can get one with rich features and a more innovative edge if you’re willing to spend more however a basic HUD system is also enough. HUD can display a range of visuals from 2D images, videos, or 3D animations.

HUD comes in all shapes and sized. As for every gadget, there is a range of features that you can enjoy if your budget allows you to splurge more otherwise a basic version of every gadget is also efficient to make your driving experience more secure and stress-free.

Blind Spot Sensors

Blind Spot Sensors play a vital role in detecting as well as preventing a vehicle or object which is highly likely to crash into the car. There a numerous ways a blind spot sensor can work. Multiple sensors are installed which can detect any object in the near vicinity and send out alerts via some alarm or sound or even camera visuals. Again, this all depends on the technology of the gadgets and your budget. It is a high-level tool for safe driving that can be used during traffic, parking, or reversing situations to avoid crashing into any pedestrian, random object, or into another vehicle.

This tool is equally useful for beginners who are still learning to drive as well as skilled or experienced drivers because the blind spots are the trickiest of turning points and it is better to take all the precautionary measures to avoid any car accidents.

Final Word

This was the list of top 5 gadgets that are highly useful and efficient to be installed in cars and increase the value at the same time. All of the above-discussed gadgets vary in pricing and features however the basic purpose or functionality is the same as mentioned. As innovation never stops, these gadgets are becoming better and better with every passing day. You can do your market research and understand your need and see how much you can afford to spend on a particular gadget prior to making any purchase. Another thing to keep in mind is that no matter how much you spend on these gadgets, these are the most practical ones when it comes to safety and satisfaction hence you will be getting complete value for your money.

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