Tips for Young Motorists from the Veteran Drivers

Life is a learning experience, that’s for sure and one of the many milestones for a young adult is passing their driving test, which is the key to independent travel, which is amazing when you first experience being able to hop in the car at any time and go where you like. Of course, one of the first things on your mind will be buying a car and we offer a few tips from the veteran motorists to help you make the right choices when driving a car.

  • Stick to a small engine – You probably know that it is difficult to insure a young driver with a powerful car; one of the factors insurers take into account is the engine size and power of the vehicle in question; an 18-year old wanting to drive a Porsche would be a classic example; insurance would be very costly, indeed, most insurers would refuse the application. Your first car should be no larger than 1.5l, which is more than enough power and is very economical; insurance will be cheaper if you stay on or below the 1500cc mark.Read more about thehomeinfo
  • New car = class 1 insurance – All dealerships will recommend that you take out class 1 insurance when buying a new model, in fact, if you are buying a new car on finance, it is mandatory to have class 1 insurance to protect the asset. The finance company actually own the car until the final payment is made; they then send you the green book, which has your name in it. When you want to compare car insurance type 1, which is the best cover for a new vehicle, search with Google for leading auto insurance providers. Then you can compare packages and premiums and it is important to find out how quick they process claims; check online customer reviews for this.If you visit this site you will know a lot of news pagalmovies
  • Follow the rules – It doesn’t matter where you live, if you ignore speed limits or do doughnuts in car parks, you will start to get tickets and they ultimately lead to driving disqualification. Be a responsible driver by understanding and following the many rules for safe driving and your driving experience will be enriched. Never drive after taking a drink, as this could lead to your arrest!
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  • Vehicle Maintenance – Whether you own a BMW or a Fiat, your car needs regular servicing and the details of this will be in the rear section of the owner’s manual, which you should read from cover to cover. If you buy a new car, the first few services will be free (aside from labour costs), after that, there is a small charge and the dealership would be happy to care for your car. Here are some important things to know when buying a car.
  • Road Tax – Yet another tax, your road tax covers the upkeep of roads and if you let this expire, you could receive a ticket. If you live in Thailand, you can renew your road tax at your local Land Transport Office, which only takes a couple of hours.If you use this site you will find a lot of information about coolmoviez

Driving can be a real pleasure and if you drive sensibly and keep the car in good condition, you should enjoy many years of safe motoring.

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