Things to expect from a car accident attorney in LA

Auto accidents in California often have devastating consequences. In fact, thousands of fatal accidents are reported in the state each year. Immediately after an accident, you are required to inform the police and call 911 for immediate help. If the other party’s negligence or action caused the accident, you could sue them for compensation. Before that, you must consider consulting car accident attorneys Los Angeles. What should you expect when you hire a lawyer? We have an overview below for your help. 

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  1. Establish liability. Just because you were injured doesn’t mean you have a case against the other driver. You have to prove that their action/negligence/fault caused the accident. Also, there is always a possibility that more than one party is liable for your losses. Establishing liability and fault is often the hardest part of filing a car accident claim. Hire an attorney who has experience handling similar cases and can investigate the accident. 
  2. Find more on the claim. What’s the value of your car accident claim? The answer depends on many factors because you could possibly recover more than just the out-of-pocket costs you have paid after the accident. An attorney can use their experience and expertise to determine what the claim is worth and what you can expect in a settlement. 
  3. Gather evidence. Investigating a car accident is about gathering evidence, and this could be a time-consuming and laborious process. Once you hire an attorney, it is their job to gather and assemble evidence to prove your claim. This may involve talking to accident witnesses and experts. 
  4. Negotiate with the claims adjuster. Most car accident claims and lawsuits do not need a trial and can be settled through negotiations. Unfortunately, negotiating with the other party’s insurance company is not the easiest task. If you get a lawyer, they will directly deal with the claims adjuster. It is always wise to avoid talking to the insurance company without an attorney. 
  5. File a lawsuit, if necessary. What happens when the insurance company denies your claim? If the offered settlement is less than your losses, your lawyer may decide to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party. You have two years to file a car accident lawsuit as per California’s statute of limitations, and it makes sense to let an attorney work on the case keeping all aspects in mind.Read more about this website:  newsfilter

Meet an attorney in person to discuss the scope of your car accident claim. 

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