There are seven ways to write a perfect essay, according to this guide.

With a perfect score of 6, your chances of getting into graduate school are considerably increased! Writing ability is just as important as good Verbal and Quantitative scores when it comes to admission to the best colleges and universities. While many students have impressive academic achievements, not all of them possess the ability to write properly!


“The more you practise, the better you become,” says the old adage. To prepare for the GRE in an online context, review the AWA questions and answer as many as you can in the 30-minute time constraint. Put yourself in a test-like environment and start working on your project to make it great. If you’re a great essay writer, you could consider skipping the essay portion of the GRE. Because the issue essay is a different kind of essay from the ones you’ve had to write in school, practising for it beforehand isn’t a smart idea. Problem essays are more like emails to professors and employers who are overworked than literary critics or rhetorical analysts. Let go of the idea that the problem essay is all about your writing prowess; instead, focus on how well you deliver your ideas. You can check out grade miners for more info.

Avoid squandering your time and energy.

The GRE problem essay doesn’t have enough room for you to present both sides of an issue. In the end, only one side will be able to make a compelling case. If you choose a middle-of-the-road approach, your message will lack conviction and clarity. Keep in mind that “readers are evaluating the skill with which you manage the specific instructions, explain and develop an argument to support your perspective of the issue,” according to ETS. Whatever side you’re on, as long as you do it well, it doesn’t really matter. You can read grademiners review here.


Don’t generalise; be particular. A faulty argument is simple to debunk. It’s possible to answer “what if?” arguments with an argument about how unlikely the hypothetical circumstance is to come to pass. Provide examples like these instead: Your uncle Ralph, the compulsive gambler, the War of 1812, and Keynesian economic theory are all good examples that you may use to illustrate your thesis.

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Keep your examples on subject, but don’t go too far from it.

A wide range of things may be utilised as examples, including personal experience, pop culture and history, sports, literature, and current events. Make sure that your examples don’t overshadow the essay. Don’t transform your essay become a history paper or a recounting of the event itself by using a historical example. You should only use examples that support your thesis while writing an issue essay to make a point.

You should avoid using first-person pronouns and self-references in your work.

Writing in the first person is a bad idea while researching a topic for an essay. “I think” and “in my opinion” are redundant since the reader knows that the article was prepared from your viewpoint. In a body paragraph, only use first-person pronouns if you are giving an example from your own life. The first and last sentences of your paper should never begin with the pronoun “I.”


A lack of indirection reduces the likelihood of misinterpretation. Your grades are important since you have one that’s human and one that’s a machine. There’s a strong probability that you and your GPS or Siri have had a misunderstanding at some time. Instead, in your issue essay, create strong, unequivocal claims to avoid this stumbling block on the GRE.

Rebut the opposing perspective at the end of your paper.

Many GRE test takers are at a loss for words when it comes to writing their essay’s conclusion. If you want to show that you’re aware that not everyone agrees with you, provide the alternative viewpoint. Disprove their claims and restate your own in a few sentences.

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