The Mental Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile and sexual dysfunction is a common condition that occurs in many men at least once, especially if it is related to mindset when it comes to sexual intercourse. Overthinking common topics that are related to this issue can affect the relationships in the long run while also generating more mental stress for men, forming a snowballing effect that might reduce the arousal levels that make the cycle even worse. With that being said, if you an individual is experiencing a constant ED, it could be very helpful and beneficial to explore the mental and psychological factors first rather than referring to the potential physical conditions and concerns. This issue is especially common among younger and relatively inexperienced men while also having a significant impact on their mental health.

Read this Pharmica article below to learn how to explore and identify the mental factors and conditions that contribute to the risk of ED occurring.

Contributing Mental Factors:

Self Esteem and Anxiety Issues:

Out of all of the mental factors that could potentially contribute to the ED condition and its development, stress and low self-esteem related to performance in bed could be considered as the most important and significant one.  The researches suggest that there is a significant connection between anxiety/self-esteem with depression, making the mental anxiety experienced worse and more impactful when it comes to ED. Unfortunately, considering the nature of the anxiety and self-esteem issues, there is a chance that it might become cyclical, making the negative effect on these variables worse every time, causing repeating ED issues as well as other mental health parameters.

Stress-related Depression:

Another important criterion that also might be the mental reason behind the cyclical ED is the individual’s ability to manage and deal with stress and depression. Considering the nature of these factors, solving them becomes the priority for the majority of individuals, where sex could be the least of their worries. Furthermore, traumatic experiences, issues with relationships or work can affect the body on a physical level, where the product of hormone levels might be affected, narrowing down the arteries and blood vessels, causing ED.

A similar case can ve made with depression, where the growth rates of this condition are starting to impact more and more people. The nature of this condition can potentially affect the way individuals are enjoying and perceiving things or activities, potentially making them less attractive or enjoyable. This can be applied to sex, where the desire is lowered, further increasing the risks of ED. Taking medication to tackle depression can affect the ability to achieve an erection while also potentially lowering your libido levels, further contributing to ED

How To Treat ED:

ED Medicinal Treatments:

One of the best ways to treat ED is a combined effort to tackle both psychological and mental issues which is the best long term solution to these issues. However, if you need to solve the physical and mental issues temporarily while working on long-term solutions, you could refer to clinically proven and effective erectile dysfunction treatments that can help you to overcome your potential issues and concerns while working on long-term solutions.


Discussing the potential concerns with a professional could offer unique expertise into the core of these problems. These professionals can assist with providing a systematic and proven approach to tackling the issues while also breaking the cycle of ED. There are many various types of therapy available like counselling and therapy which could contribute to the ED treatment, depending on the needs and causes of the issues.

Stress-level Management:

As it was mentioned previously, stress is one of the contributing factors to the issues that could cause ED. Therefore, learning stress management techniques assists with dealing with the key stress triggers while also learning to deal with current stress levels, helping to overcome any potential ED issues. Furthermore, making changes to lifestyle like giving smoking and reducing the levels of alcohol consumption can assist with more balanced levels of hormones, assisting with libido and ability to perform in bed. Finally, having a healthy and balanced diet with a sufficient intake of necessary elements and nutrients can encourage a better lifestyle and overall health. Considering the busy lifestyles, taking multivitamins like OneVit Complete multivitamin can assist with ensuring that you have your complete intake of all necessary vitamins and nutrients to ensure that your body gets the elements it needs while also contributing to mental health, thus assisting with the ED treatment.

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