The Increase in Cloud Services and Cloud Security Threats

Instead of maintaining their own infrastructure and data centers with an astronomical cost, companies found that cloud computing is the right and most convenient option to avoid any upfront cost and headaches of managing their own infrastructure and data centers.

Cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go platform that organizations have highly demanded for being smoothly accessible from any device and whenever there is an internet connection. Cloud computing providers have also benefited from offering their services to a wide range of customers using one single cloud.

Fascinating Statistics Show How Significant Cloud Computing Is!

With the increased demand for more convenient and smoother technology, cloud computing has become an inescapable option for individuals and organizations. The following statistics show how significant it has become lately:

  • The COVID-19 crisis has played a vital role in bringing cloud computing to the scene, offering more convenient technology to many global-based organizations. Since then, the cloud computing market has witnessed rapid growth and a great global expansion.
  • 69% of all enterprises use cloud computing, showing that it has successfully offered no-brainer access to the infrastructure and applications. It is also greatly convenient to process, store, and manage data easily.
  • By 2021, at least 83% of the workload will be stored on the cloud due to the large number of companies shifting from private to public clouds.
  • 80% of the companies that use the public cloud tech witnessed a noticeable improvement in the operation within the first few months of implementing the technology.

These statistics come as no surprise, considering that using cloud computing results in better performance and smoother data management. It also instantaneously impacts the overall operations and workload.

The Most Appreciated Assets of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has gone the extra mile amongst all other technologies providing peace of mind solutions to easily access a huge amount of computing resources, databases, and applications with no complexities or high cost. Let’s see what difference cloud computing makes:

    • Money saving: Many companies leaders get cold feet when thinking of cloud computing as their next step, considering its initial cost and other security issues, which we’ll discuss later. However, cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go tech, which means no worry about paying for features that you don’t use or need. This includes paying for the space storage to use. Using cloud computing means that users pay only for the exact amount of the data storage they use, no more, no less. According to experts, you can depend on Hostinger, HostGator, and DreamHost, to maintain security and get the most reliable cloud hosting at a competitive price.
  • Flexibility: If you want to focus on reaching your business goals and commit to achieving them, cloud computing can be a great help to do so. It takes the burden off your shoulders by taking care of all the IT issues, data storage, and infrastructure, which gives much room for creativity and concentrating on your business.

    If bandwidth troubles you, cloud computing does it all for you, and you don’t even have to go through a long exhausting process of upgrading to the next tier and wait till you can expand your plan’s bandwidth; cloud hosting offers that instantly, this also should be money-saving, too.
  • Disaster recovery: Having all your data offsite is much safer and doesn’t expose all your work to a data loss due to hardware or software failures or even a data theft attempt. Not to mention the impact of downtime on your business, and you can’t avoid technical issues no matter how professional and reliable your hosting provider is. There will always be sudden incidents that are out of your control. Since you can’t 100% rest assured that no troubling issues would happen when using cloud computing, there will always be a recovery plan to save the day and in all scenarios.

Despite the fact that cloud computing is the dominant technology and the future of IT services, there are some concerns regarding its security and reliability to always manage data as expected without compromising security.

Cloud Computing Concerns and Threats That You Must Know

Accidental data leaks are more common when a high volume of data is on offsite cloud servers; this fact raises a very fundamental question: Is cloud computing reliable and trusted? Let’s find out the multiple concerns that are associated with cloud computing services:

  • Cloud computing is easily accessible by any device; this shouldn’t be very comfortable for many users, especially for large companies with huge data flow and sensitive information. This feature has been seen as a double-edged sword; on one hand, it allows a more flexible and convenient way to store and manage data, but on the other, it is an open invitation for cybercrime. That’s why companies need to pay attention to which cloud computing providers they trust. You can check this list of the top hosting providers on the market that were tested, compared, and praised by many users.
  • One weak password can lead to a disastrous data breach or account hijacking, especially since it doesn’t take much effort to access cloud servers. With one of the employees’ credentials, an attacker will have full access to sensitive data and functionality.
  • Organizations’ cloud deployment attracts many cyberattacks since it is accessible from the public network. Different companies use the same cloud, which means a cloud has huge amounts of sensitive data, making it a rich hunt.
  • With one of the employees’ credentials, an attacker will have full access to sensitive data and functionality. For example, when it comes to salary payments, employers can use a safe paystub generator.

Cloud computing in the upcoming tech that is expected to take the place of many IT solutions, it is greatly advantageous and provides smoother access to the data on the cloud. However, both individuals and companies must take the right security procedures to make sure that there’s no crack left for cybercriminals and data theft, learn more such as investing with a trusted hosting service and using strong credentials.

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