Take The Road Less Traveled With An Off-Road Caravan

The urge to explore drives human beings to sometimes take the road less travelled – and for those people who want to leave the tarmac behind and experience some of the most scenic vistas and unspoiled areas of Australia, the choice of an off-road caravan simply makes sense.

An off-road caravan from Retreat Caravans allows you to experience the untamed, far sometimes crowded campsites that can be found across Australia. This is not to say that you cannot make use of some of the world-class amenities available at these caravan parks – but it’s nice to know that if you should feel the urge to stray from the beaten path you have that option.

However, finding the right caravan that meets all your lifestyle needs can be a challenging task. For many years the off-road caravan experience was a bit of a bare-bones affair. Off-road caravans were manufactured to cope with the most challenging of conditions s- but this was at the cost of comfort. Fortunately, that has changed – and Retreat Caravans has built a reputation for being at the forefront of driving that change.

The various models of caravans from this family-owned business leverage over 15 years of experience in providing Australian off-road enthusiasts with caravans that are not only able to take even the harshest conditions in their stride – but also to provide exceptional levels of comfort and top-class finishes. And all the extras that will make your next off-road adventure one that will provide memories that last a lifetime.

Take for instance the groundbreaking ERV – a new class of all-electric caravan. Not only will this model allow you to explore to your heart’s content – but it will also give you the satisfaction of knowing that you will be treading lightly in Mother nature’s backyard. But all-electric doesn’t mean that you will not enjoy the latest in design. With built tough features such as the 4.4t Independent Suspension and Truss Chassis (with sway control) you’ll have the confidence to tackle the harshest terrain. And you’ll be doing that in style, with features such as a Microwave Oven and Grill, pillowtop mattresses, an induction cooktop and the luxury of the Diamond Series Upholstery. Light up the night with two Floodlights and four exterior Bugproof lights. Add to the fun with the premium audio system and two outside speakers – and these features only touch on what this incredible off-road caravan has to offer.

For those who want the ultimate in ruggedness, there is the 2022 model Fraser – or for the best in luxury finishes, plus that great off-road capability step into the Daydream model. All with those luxury features that make off-roading a pleasure. Retreat caravans also have a luxury package that takes comfort and fun to a whole new level, with upgraded upholstery, an outside shower, an ttactics external TV hatch, a pillow top mattress, and an upgraded splashback – and much more.

If you want to experience the ultimate in off-road caravans, visit the Retreat Caravan virtual showroom – and see what off-road caravaning in the lap of luxury can offer you, friends, and family.

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