Planning to Buy a Pre-owned Car? Here’s the Checklist

Purchasing a new car is exciting, and if it’s your first car, the excitement is even more. There are many options and types of vehicles you can buy, and you can choose any of them, but you need to understand and analyze things before purchasing a pre-owned car. Visit Area Guides to find the most up to date listings. Buying a vehicle is not like buying furniture or appliances; it’s not just the price difference; the moment you buy a car, you have to record the distance covered, regular servicing, and other maintenance costs. You can quickly get information about pre-owned vehicles if you Google “used cars listings near me.” You will be bombarded with many results/info, but choose wisely.

Buying a pre-owned car may sound easy, but there are some crucial points you must remember while you look for the vehicle; the staff at the dealership will offer you many deals and discounts, but what you need to focus on is something else.

The article will list the essential things you must consider while buying a pre-owned car.

What should one do before purchasing a pre-owned car? This is the one question that many have when searching for a pre-owned car purchase. Below is the checklist for buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Your car buying checklist:

Check the engine

When you get the chance to test drive the used car, you need to check whether the engine is running smoothly or not. The sound coming from the engine does matter, as it says a lot about its refinement. You must also check the oil dipstick. If it’s a petrol engine, the color must be honey-colored, or for diesel, black is normal. Also, ask for the book or details of the regular servicing of the vehicle.

Check the oil filler cap for any creamy white substance. If there is this white substance, the engine needs a closer inspection. You need to focus more on the engine than any other part as the engine is the only part that costs almost half of the car’s price (for low and mid-range), which means it is also the most expensive part of the car. Having to replace the engine is not good, especially for a pre-owned car.

Quality of the tires

Whether you are buying a mid-range car or a luxury car, ensure that all tires are in good shape. A bit of wear & tear is acceptable, but if there is a visible tread depth above a minimum level (8-9mm), you must ask the dealer to replace it or should start looking for another car.

Inspect the lights

Examine the indicators, taillights, number plate lights, and reverse lights. If there’s even a slight delay in working or any of these lights are dimmer than usual, you must ask them to fix it. Everyone forgets to check the warning lights because anyone rarely uses them, but they are necessary for emergencies.

Check the radiator coolant and other fluids.

The coolant must be bright, clear, and mustn’t have any dirt. You must look for any leaks inside the hood, especially near the engine. Sometimes, the oil or coolant spills around the engine. Repairing the damages caused by fluid leaks is pretty high.

Exhaust check

Check whether smoke coming out of the car’s hood or rear is not good. If there’s smoke coming from underneath the vehicle after a short test ride, you should consider your idea of buying from that dealership.

Check the equipment

Cars have various accessories, and based on the brand and model, the accessories change. Suppose you search the term “used cars listings near me” online; you will get the sleek-looking pre-owned cars on the websites. But looks aren’t everything; you must look for what’s inside the vehicle, i.e., the accessories. Parking sensors, A/C, reverse camera, navigation system, stereo, and power window are essential equipment you need in your car.

Seat belt check

You must always prioritize your safety, and seat belts and airbags are the first things you must check. If any one of these is not available in the car, you must pick another vehicle or dealer. Ensure that the belts extend and retract smoothly and you can lock in easily.

Body check

The very first thing you need to check is the doors, including the trunk lid/bonnet/tailgate. All the doors must open and close without any hindrance. You should see no sign of rust, creases, or ripples anywhere on the body.

Finally, if the paint is fainting, the car has been exposed to elements and was not correctly garaged. You can guess by these signs that the previous owner used this car recklessly.

Follow this checklist and get the best pre-owned car from the dealership.

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