Online Teaching- An Overview

Online teaching refers to receiving and imparting education via the internet. With the high growth of education technology, online teaching is also reaching greater heights. Learners from anywhere and  anytime can learn and excel in their lives. The Covid-19 has triggered the method is online teaching.

Mobile teacher apps are applications made for the benefit of teachers and students. These mobile teacher apps are the platforms that are providing excellent services to the instructors and students.  Mobile teaching apps and online resources have come out as a resource that is helping so many people  all across the planet Earth. Online teaching and education process is increasing with the use of mobile  teacher apps.

Teaching apps are gaining immense popularity in today’s scenario because of their tremendous  outcomes and results. Educational apps are motivating students to learn and grow at a faster rate. Using  teaching apps prepares and promotes students to use technology. In the 21st century, where there are  discoveries and advancements on an everyday basis, basic knowledge about the usage of technology is  very important. Online teaching apps help the learners in various ways. Different from traditional  classroom teaching, learning using a teaching apps is very convenient. The complexity level of the  subject is reduced. Through these apps, study with the help of ppts, modules, attractive graphics, and  charts is very interesting and stimulating. Studying from books is often tiring and time-consuming.  However, learning through teaching apps is fun and less complicated. Online teaching apps take as  assessments in the form of quizzes, MCQs, and puzzles. Doing such activities enhances the IQ level of  students. It is different, enchanting, and less monotonous.

Online teaching can be done using various network devices such as computers, tablets, laptops, and  mini laptops but the most easily available and convenient devices are mobile. Online teaching through  mobile is very convenient and flexible.

In today’s time, everybody uses smartphones that have the option to download various mobile  applications and use them. Online teaching applications can be easily downloaded on our mobile.  Getting access to it is also very simple. All that we need is an internet facility.

Living in an era, where everything revolives around networks and technology, having mobile internet is a  must. Online teaching through mobile can be carried in a relaxed way. It is not at all time bounding. We  can study and learn at our preferable time and schedule. This is one of the biggest advantages of online  teaching. These teaching apps provide various facilities to learn and grow. There are weekly and  monthly tests and then we also have a score tracker or progress tracker. This facility of a teaching app  provides for the parents, teachers, and learners to check the performance of the students. It helps the  participants to analyze their respective performance and understanding of the subject.

In the present covid time, where classroom teaching and physical meetups are not possible, teaching  apps are helping teachers and students to stay connected with each other. We say learning and growing  should never stop, mobile teaching apps are proving this to everybody all around the world. Teaching  apps are adding a lot of value to the entire education process.

Tools or aids in basic language are the medium used for the fulfillment of the desired task. Tools are  used for the effective completion of our work. In the teaching occupation, teachers also use various aids

for a proper explanation of the topic and subject to the students. Every teacher tries his or her best to  provide the best of their abilities to the learners.

In online teaching, teachers use some aids and tools to make the course presentable and interactive.  Let’s discuss a few of the teaching aids.

  • Program plan and schedule templates.

The course is properly designed and constructed before its commencement. Batches, timings, and days according to our selection are presented to us in the form of interactive pictures and  templates. It includes all the important information about the course.

  • Quiz and puzzle makers

In every course, examinations, and assessments are conducted to analyze the performance of  the students. Teachers use quiz makers and puzzle makers as one of their teaching aids. These  are interesting, enjoyable, and at the same it helps to track the score and performance of the  students.

  • PPTs and presentations

This teaching aid is used for a proper explanation of the topics. Sample pictures and graphs  related to the topic are included to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

  • Whiteboards.

Teachers use whiteboards to write and add extra information and examples related to the  current topic. Students and teachers both have the access to this board and use it to have  effective interactions and classes.

  • Group discussions

The teacher uses this tool to have interactive and immersive sessions with students. Instructor  and learners actively participate in a topic. Healthy discussions take place. This also boosts the  communication skills of students. Confidence level also increases.

The above mentioned, are the few teaching aids used by teachers for providing the best  education to the students. Online teaching aims and promotes better efficiency, better learning  facilities, and flexibility to the learners.

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