Looking for a New Mattress? Here’s What You Should Know When You Go Shopping

Have you been waking up with muscle sores lately? Or perhaps you can’t seem to sleep because you kept on sneezing? Or maybe you feel like you are sinking deep in your bed and are now starting to feel lumps or its spring support? If your answer to these questions is a big fat Y-E-S, then this is your sign to look for another mattress.

However, here’s a little secret (that’s not so secret anymore): shopping for a mattress in real life is actually quite a hassle. You have to make certain that you bought the right type, in the right size, and one that fits within your budget but is also made with high-quality materials. People were not joking when they said, “this is no small purchase to make.”

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Indeed, mattress shopping may be overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can shop like a pro even when it’s your first time, just by knowing some basic mattress information. So with that, below are some of the things you should know to help you shop for the perfect mattress for you.


Have you tried window shopping in mattress showrooms before? If you have, did you notice the varieties you can choose from? From innerspring to hybrids, some are even made from eco-friendly materials. With all these available options, it is understandable not to know how you can start finding the best mattress. Well, to give you one tip, you can begin by getting familiar with some types first.

  • Innerspring beds – these are the ones that have metal springs at their core. You might already be familiar with it since most typical households use innerspring mattresses. That’s why it is among the most famous types. In innerspring, the coil springs serve as its support system where the more springs it has, the better is its ability to support and provide comfort to its user.
  • Foam mattresses – this type of mattress uses foam as its support system instead of springs. There are also many kinds of foam mattresses, depending on what materials they are made of. The two most common and widely purchased among these are memory foam and latex. On the one hand, latex foams are gaining more attention nowadays since they don’t retain too much heat and are eco-friendly.Read More About: filmy4wep
  • Hybrids – the name typically explains what this type is: it is a hybrid, in other words, a combination of the two types mentioned earlier. Basically, it incorporates metal coil springs while having top layers of comfortable foam made from latex or memory. This combination results in an extra addition of support, and therefore, feels more comfortable to sleep on for most people.

Firmness Level

Another thing you have to know to help you in your mattress shopping journey is that mattresses also have different levels of firmness. Unfortunately, some are not aware of this, that’s why they usually end up buying the wrong sort. To help you know which level suits you best, you have to consider your preferred sleeping position. The top three most common positions include side-sleeping, stomach-sleeping, and back-sleeping.

If you are part of the greater population who likes to sleep on their sides, then it’s best that you choose softer mattresses, or usually around 1-4 firmness levels. On the other hand, if you like to sleep on your back or stomach, it is advisable to pick those at 7-10 levels or the firmer ones. Meanwhile, if you’re that type who doesn’t have a fixed sleeping position at night, you can go for mattresses with medium firmness.

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Generally, the sizes available for mattresses range from California king to single. Although this might seem trivial, you should still be careful when choosing the right bed size for your room. This is because you might purchase the wrong one and end up falling out of bed in the middle of your sleep since it’s too small for you. Or maybe the one you bought takes too much room space.

You don’t want to experience such scenarios, and most of all, do not want your money to go to waste just because you haven’t paid much attention to the size of the bed. That’s why it is also best to know how big you want your mattress to be and what size will just fit your room.

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Online vs. In-store

Most of the time, one goes to showrooms to buy a mattress. However, in this day and age, you are given another option – shop online. When you go online, you just sit, scroll, and click. It lessens the hassle of going to physical stores yourself. However, some still prefer to go there to try the mattresses themselves personally. On the one hand, it is always up to you what market you choose. Just ensure that you have considered their pros and cons.

Price Options

You might wonder why mattresses are priced differently. This has something to do with the materials they are made of and how they were created. Some may also think that it has something to do with the quality too. But in truth, price and quality aren’t always proportional. You can still find quality mattresses that don’t cost much. In this case, the best thing you can do is to always stick to your budget.

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Now that the mattress industry has given a lot of options, it can get confusing sometimes. However, you can always research and learn about them to somehow lessen the confusion. To help you, you can start by remembering the points mentioned above.

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