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You love your car because it takes you where you want to go. You’ve made road trips and had great times inside the car. All these great memories make you want to cherish the vehicle forever. People spend hours cleaning and polishing their cars to keep that new, shiny look. Whether it’s a family car or a sports car, one wants their car to be in the best shape for as long as possible. But most people fail to understand that taking care of one’s car goes deeper than just keeping a shiny exterior. There are routined check-ups that the automobile must go through to achieve longevity. So, continue reading this article to learn valuable tips on taking care of your vehicle.

Engine Oil: Checking engine oil is mandatory if you want the engine to run well. Sufficient lubrication is necessary to increase the car’s mileage. You can change the car’s oil all by yourself or take the vehicle to a service center to get the job done. For instance, one living in San Francisco may opt for local GM Certified automotive services for a scheduled check-up every other month. When you go for scheduled assistance, you pay less for more services. For example, get the synthetic oil changed, check the tire pressure, and fix the tire alignment if required at the service center.

No Sudden Brakes: When you are at a crosswalk or get stopped at a red light, avoid hard braking. Dodge traffic light drags by moving at a moderate pace. Driving fast and hitting the brakes all of a sudden may affect the car’s engine, gearbox, and brakes. On the other hand, smooth driving can increase fuel efficiency. When it comes to spotting traffic lights early, one should remember to drive slowly and at the same time change the gears softly. Avoid resting your foot on the pedal after shifting gear, as it can damage the clutch plate over time.

Use Parking Brake: You didn’t expect this one to be on the list, did you? It is a good practice to use a parking brake, especially when you are in a hilly area. You can benefit from using a parking brake even if you have an automatic transmission system in-built in your vehicle system. However, do not use the parking brakes during winter because the snow can freeze the brakes, and it gets stuck easily, making it impossible to move the vehicle.

Cover & Polish: Keeping the car looking fresh and new is essential if you want better resale value. Simple tricks can make a car look new for years. For example, whenever you park your car outside, be sure to cover the vehicle if possible, even if it is for a few hours. A vehicle protected from the sun’s harsh rays does not get discolored fast. Furthermore, do not keep the car parked directly under a tree, as tree sap can ruin the car’s shine. During winter, accumulated snow or a broken brunch can easily fall on top of the car, causing serious damage.

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