How to get cheaper Pickup truck transport

Pickup truck transport is notorious for its increased rate, which is why most brokerage firms such as provide a separate service. This ensures that the most affordable, best price is quote and that any customer gets their pickup truck transportation needs meet within a timely manner.

How is this service different than other auto transport services

The main difference between all of the other auto transport services and this one, is the size of the payload and the availability of trailers which can accommodate that size and weight. Most auto transport trailers, even those suitable for more than 14 vehicles at a time, are limited in height, especially if they have a lower deck, meaning that the space for a sizeable vehicle such as a pickup truck is also quite limited.

It requires a special trailer

There are different variations of trailers and transport vehicles – larger transport trailers are pulled by a semi-truck, while single or double vehicle trailers are pulled by a pickup truck. As a tow vehicle, pickup trucks are not only sizeable, but they are also quite heavy, meaning that a specialized trailer, mostly a single vehicle trailer must be used in that circumstance.

This means that a carrier, would have to travel the same distance as they would for several vehicles, but only do it for one, with a specialized trailer. This is the main reason why pickup truck transport is more expensive than regular auto transport, mostly because it is more inconvenient for a carrier to carry out, than a regular transport job.

The way that carriers determine the price of a transport job is based on the distance, the size of the vehicle and how inconvenient the route is. The more distant and remove the route is for the drop-off or pick-up of the auto, the more the carrier will charge.

This is because carriers do not service any single client, but rather look to make as much money as possible out of a single trip. If you transport job is with a starting location from Arizona, and it’s going to Nebraska, then a carrier would seek to pick-up autos along the way to the pickup location, and to offload them along the way to your drop-off location.

If you vehicle requires more space, this means that the carrier would have to forgo autos along the way, making the travel a lot more inefficient than you would consider it to be. In order for a travel to be profitable, they must charge extra.

How to prepare a pickup truck from transport

One of the main things that will determine the cost of a transport job, is the condition of the vehicle. If you have access to it, you must make sure that it’s in working order, or provide information if it’s otherwise, so the carrier can prepare with accommodations for an immobile vehicle.

Due to the size and weight of the pickup truck, a lifting feature and a small crane must be available to pick-up your truck.

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