How Bail Bonds work?

A lot people must have heard: ‘The individual was released on bond after paying X amount of dollars and will return after three weeks to the court.’

What do you mean by bond?

If the person fails to turn up in the court, a bounty hunter to locate the person can be hired by the bureau. Actually , the U.S. is the only state that permits bounty hunting. A bond is a guarantee that the entire bail amount will be remunerated, but there are some courts that enable 10% cash payment to release the defendant.

How do bondsmen work and bonds?

A person working with a bond bonding agency is called a bondsman. Generally, the bondsman charges a fee of 10% of the overall value of cash needed to pay the bond. This sum is non-refundable.

If the suspect does have no assets to declare, afterward the bondsman will take out security against folks, including relatives and friends, who are willing to help. Once the security is taken, the bondsman will want at least 10% cash, including mortgage of property that is equal to the full value of the bail bond. The agency also has the right by claiming the assets owned by the defendant or those who signed the contract to help the defendant to recover the outstanding sum.

To be able to understand how bail bonds work, contact a reputed bail bond agency.

What’s a Bail Bond Procedure?

The bail bond procedure is easier and considerably quicker that one might presume. Then call in the penitentiary authorities to get the info about payment, if you would like to deposit a cash bond at the jail. It’s better to call them ahead because the jail payment policies change from time to time. But it’s always better to get in contact with a bail bonding agency.

The bondsman at the bureau will ask you some easy and quick questions about the defendant, where does he/ she live, the nature of the crime that he/ she’s been booked for, etc. Once the questions have been answered by you, a tailor-made bail bond contract will be organized. This instruction manual will take about 10 to 15 minutes and the majority of the times, the bail bond staff will do most of the paperwork. There are several companies that allow their customers to fill in the applicable paperwork via facsimile or e-mail.

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Bond received by the jail: The jail has many processes to be finished before the defendant is released. The bail cash deposited by the bail bondsman will be verified by the accounts clerk. This process takes 2 to 5 hours. The procedure will be more, if the jail is bigger. Here the next court date that will take less than 5 minutes will be discussed by the bondsman.

Preparing for the hearing date: The bail bonding company will supply the advice concerning the court date. The bail agency will be notified by the court clerk within 2 to 4 weeks for the first court hearing, which is called as an arraignment. Here the defendant will plead not guilty or guilty. Once the organization receives the first court date, the office will notify the defendant. The bondsman will call the defendant a day or two prior to the court appearance. The individual will have to keep the agency updated about his or her location.

Get in contact with a qualified bail bonding agency to find out more concerning the bail bond procedure.

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