Having ‘The Talk’ With Your Partner Before a Divorce

Being in a toxic marriage is mentally draining. No one walks down the aisle thinking that the person in front of them will be the reason behind their pain and suffering. It is evident that no one thinks about getting a divorce overnight. It is a slow and time-consuming process. However, one of the most challenging phases to go through is having ‘the talk’ with your partner about the divorce. 

Before talking to your partner, you may want to speak to a divorce attorney Westport ct, to know about the procedure and type of divorce you need to opt for.

Tips for talking to your partner about the divorce. 

  • Be calm and polite. 

Undoubtedly, you will have tons of emotions and anxiety before speaking to your partner. However, being calm and polite while talking to them will help take the conversation forward without creating conflicts. 

  • Talk about what they think about your marriage.

Politely ask your partner about what they think about your marriage and their feelings. Do not judge or get angry when your partner expresses their feelings. Let them be honest about their feelings and opinion. 

  • Talk to them about how the divorce will do good to your marriage. 

You do not want your partner to get a surprise by suddenly handing the divorce papers in their hands. Therefore, tell them that you are thinking about divorce. Remember, when you tell them about the divorce, talk to them about why you think it would be best to go your separate ways. Speaking about the positive sides of the divorce will also help your partner accept the decision. 

  • Let them know about your plans. 

Remember, both of you have personal lives despite being in a marriage. Letting your partner know why you want the divorce and your plans in the future will make it easier for them to understand the divorce. 

  • Mutually decide on all the decisions about divorce. 

Divorce involves a lot of things. You need to decide how you want to divide your assets, money, and other things. Moreover, if there is a child, things can get complex as to who will have the custody. Mutually decide on dividing everything from money to all the other things. 

Talking to your partner about the divorce can be challenging. If you are too afraid of taking the conversation ahead, speaking to a divorce lawyer can ease your anxiety and make the process easier. 

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