Five Things Not To Say To The Car Insurance Company After A Car Accident 

The aftermath of a car accident can be scary. You may have injuries costing thousands of dollars in medical expenses and vehicle damage as well. It can be easy to lose your patience and speak rudely with the insurance company. However, that will only do more bad than good. 

You need to be extra careful when dealing with the insurance company. The insurance will try their best to use their dirty tricks and twist your words into something they are not. A Stockton car accident attorney can tell you how you can stay safe from such situations. 

Five things you should not say to the car insurance company after an accident 

  • It was my fault. 

You may want to speed up the process by admitting fault. After all, no one wants to be stuck in between legal procedures for a long time. However, admitting fault is the worst thing you could do to your claim. Usually, car accidents are never one person’s fault. Even if you are found the most at fault, chances are the other party must have contributed their share. 

  • I think. 

When speaking to the insurance company in Stockton, always stick to the facts. Do not make any “I think” or “In my opinion” statements. Give clear and straightforward answers to their questions and do not say more than you are asked. Anything you say can be used against you, no matter how simple the sentence may be. 

  • Sorry. 

Some people say sorry or apologize as a reflex to be polite. When you see people being hurt in an accident that involves you, you may feel guilty and say sorry without even realizing the damage it could do. When you apologize, you are admitting your fault for the accident. Nobody will believe you later if you say you were only being polite. It is easy to take words out of context so be careful. 

  • I am okay. 

It is not possible to understand the full extent of your injuries right after the accident. In fact, some injuries do not show even weeks after the accident. Therefore, make sure you refrain from talking about your injuries and saying that you are okay. It can take some time for injuries to manifest. 

  • Names. 

It is likely that the insurance company will ask you for your family members’ and friends’ names and contact numbers. They will want to speak to them to gain more information about you and the accident. Make sure that you refuse this request. 

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