Do’s when playing Slots in 2021 

There are unwritten rules when playing slots and some of these are common sense and apply to any sort of gambling activity – try and play Jimi Hendrix online slots. Because of the risk involved when it comes to gambling, it is always sensible to approach gambling games such as slots with great caution.  Here is a list of the do’s when playing slots in 2021. 

Do Choose Your Slot Sites Carefully 

Worrying about whether a slot site is legitimate or not is almost a thing of the past thanks to the UK Gambling Commission. New strict laws and regulations have driven out unscrupulous online casino organizations. However, this does not mean that you should join the first site that you come across, instead, you should still look for the UK Gambling Commission logo on the homepage of your chosen online casino site. 

It is also worth double-checking with the UK Gambling Commission itself, to make sure that the slot site in question is not faking it and is licensed and regulated by the Commission itself. If this is the case, then you should consider other things before you sign up and start playing slot games. Other things to have in mind when choosing a gambling brand include good word of mouth, a sound reputation within the gambling industry and look out for details such as banking options and speed of withdrawals. Finally, you should also check out whether the slot site in question supplies slot games you love to play the most. 

Do Use Safer Gambling Tools 

Most people play slots for fun and out of the millions that do so, only a very few go on to develop problems with gambling addiction. If you think you’re susceptible to getting carried away whilst playing these games, then it is highly advisable to make the most of the safer gambling tools that are at players’ disposal across all online slot sites. Setting deposit limits is by far the best of these because it prevents you from over-spending and you are more likely to keep to your gambling budget with deposit limits in place. 

Do Choose Your Slot Games Carefully 

If you are a part-time slot player then you can be excused for thinking that all these games are the same as each other. The truth is that the basic concept of slot games is universal, but some games pay out better than others and this is all down to the RTP score of individual slots. The RTP or Return to Player percentage is calculated over thousands of spins and a percentage of winnings compared to staking amounts is recorded. Some games claim to return 96% of staking cash to players, whilst the very highest scoring slots come in at around 98%. The RTP is not an exact science, and you can win far more or far less, but it is definitely worth giving high RTP scoring games a spin in 2021 and beyond, to test the theory. You can find the RTP score of slots on the game info page.

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