Do all casino games operate with an RNG?

If you’re a fan of pay by mobile slots games, you’ve probably heard of the acronym ‘RNG’. This stands for Random Number Generator, and is a way of digitally replicating the element of chance found in old-school casino games. Do all casino games operate with an RNG these days? Let’s find out – read on to find out more! We’re going to be taking a look at:

  Land-based vs. Digital Casino Games

  Live Online Casino Games

  Skill-based casino games

Digital and Online Casino Games

One of the key places that you will find RNGs mentioned is digital casino games, with the most obvious example being slot machines. Back in the day, slot machines included mechanisms inside which manually span reels which determined the outcome of your spin. However, these days the vast majority of slot games are digital or online. For both of these types of slot games, there will always be an RNG involved. However, get down to an old-school slots casino and we bet you can find one of the mechanics, RNG-free slot machines!

Live Online Casino Games

When it comes to the online equivalent of chance-based games such as Roulette and Craps, RNGs are very common. If you were in a land-based casino you would have a dealer or croupier who would handle the casino game, but when they are not present we need an RNG to do the work for us! However, this is not always the case. Tons of casino games now have ‘live online’ equivalents, that mean despite being online they still have a croupier or dealer who is working from a real-life casino. If you’re not a fan of RNGs, this can be a great alternative. Search around online and you will be sure to find live equivalents of the following casino games:





Skill-based Casino Games

Finally, there are some casino games that aren’t even fully down to chance, instead requiring skill, knowledge and analysis to win. A perfect example of this is Poker. Winning a game of Poker will require you to be aware of the cards on the table, to use a bit of basic mathematics, and to maintain that all important poker face! However, when it comes to online versions RNGs will still be used to determine the hand of cards that you are dealt. Not a fan of that? Get online to a ‘online live poker’ game, and you can be sure that your cards will be dealt by a real-life dealer.

Are RNGs taking over?

Overall, RNGs are ever-present in the casino world these days, replacing mechanisms for digital random number generation. However, they certainly have not taken over the dealer, and there are plenty of alternatives if you’re not a fan of RNGs. We particularly recommend live casino games – having the dealer there makes the experience feel a lot more real. So, to answer your question – no. Not all casino games operate with an RNG!

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