Creating a Shadow Box

Tutorial on how to make a light box out of paper.

LightBox made out of paper It makes a lovely addition to any home or office, and it’s also a thoughtful present for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding. In any case, you’ll be able to see the piece’s beauty. Paper cutouts are placed in a box with a glass panel in order to create this light box. LED lights are put below each layer, creating a three-dimensional effect. I’ll walk you through the process of making this light box step-by-step, and I’ll also offer you some helpful hints.

Here is a list of the supplies I used:


If you want your cards to stand out and allow the light through, I suggest choosing 170 grammes white card material. But if you have a large shadow box, you should weigh between 200 and 220 grammes.

A utility knife

Glue made from wood

Strip lights with RGB LED bulbs

The choice between a glass panel and mica

A board with a foam core

Print out the templates that you want.

If you want to print a picture in its original size, use the “Do not scale” print option instead of the standard print mode. Print modes are shown in various ways by different applications.

Slicing out patterns

Once you’ve completed the first layer, use an X-Acto knife and cut it out of the paper. Cutting using an X-acto knife ensures a clean, precise cut on all of your tasks.

Cut it out and keep going until you’ve cut off all the overlapping layers. We have got some free templates for you on LightboxGoodman.

When you’re done, glue the layers together.

Foam spacers are used to rejoin the layers. As a result, the picture seems three-dimensional and has a sense of depth to it. The foam spacers were easily removed by hand cutting them out. All of them are the same width. It is recommended that each layer have four spacers.

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Afterwards, I used a glue gun to attach the layers together. After adhering the first layer, I’ll place spacers around the perimeter and adhere the second layer on top of that. Get the layers aligned appropriately. All layers should be bonded together at this point.

The box needs some illumination.

Wrap the box with light strips. The lights were trimmed to the proper length and inserted into the container. They’re yours to do with as you like!

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For example, you may use fairy lights or LED lights, it’s up to you. The RGB LED strip lights I propose are self-adhesive, flexible, can be trimmed to size, and can readily change colours, which will provide a greater impression. Furthermore, they produce almost little heat. As a result, they’re ideal for work of this kind. Once the lights were installed, I ran the power line through the back and cemented it in place.

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