CarGuard Administration Brings Peace Of Mind To All Drivers

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If you’re a car owner, you understand having a well-maintained vehicle to avoid mishaps. But, even with a well-maintained vehicle, emergencies and unexpected things can happen.

Debris on the road may lead to flat tires, even small nails that can’t be seen. A car’s battery may die from time to time, or the engine may overheat despite all the preventive measures you’ve taken. Mechanical parts can fail even if the car is newer and has relatively low mileage.

To be better prepared for the unexpected is the reason to have a vehicle protection plan like those offered by the CarGuard Administration.

But, many companies out there offer protection plans for mechanical breakdowns to help vehicle owners reduce the risks of having to pay for costly repairs to their cars. Some plans simply outperform those of their competitors.

Like most car owners, you rely on your vehicle to get to work and may even take the occasional trip to visit friends and family. You don’t want any surprises on a trip.

But, if a mechanical issue does arise, you want to keep costs down. Vehicle protection plans help you keep costs down, as you will have far less to pay out of pocket for covered repairs, overall giving you peace of mind.

While there are many vehicle protection plans on the market, there are several reasons car owners should choose CarGuard Administration vehicle protection plans.

Customer service and limits of liability are just some of the benefits. Read on to find out why CarGuard plans are better than the plans the competitors offer.

Vehicle Protection Plans Are Easy To Read And Understand

There is no language that customers can misinterpret. Everything is clear and easy to understand, regardless of which plan the customer may choose.

First Day Car Rentals

A picture of a white mid-sized SUV rental car, something that CarGuard offers while your car is in the shop.

Many plans provide rental car coverage after the first 4 to 8 hours of the vehicle being down for repairs. CarGuard offers rental coverage from the start. This makes it easier to continue getting to work or anywhere else the driver needs to go while the car is being repaired.

The plans also provide roadside assistance, trip interruption, and towing services, so customers don’t have to worry about getting home or where they need to be.

These services are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether a car owner has run out of gas, has a dead battery, or needs some other emergency service, most plans will cover these situations.

Best Limits of Liability

Many vehicle protection plans set limits on how much they will pay out for vehicle repairs, especially when the costs of those repairs exceed the vehicle’s value.

CarGuard offers up to $12,500 of repairs, even if the vehicle is only worth $6,000. This makes it easier to choose CarGuard Administration for drivers of older vehicles that have gone beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Combined Gold and Platinum Plans

Many plans only cover cars up to a specific mileage; then, the customer must enroll in a new plan.

With CarGuard, a customer enrolled in a platinum plan plus will automatically have another 100,000 miles and five years added without the customer having to purchase a new plan. This gives car owners the maximum value for the plans they enroll in.

Great Customer Service

Many plan administrators could care less about customer satisfaction. CarGuard wants to be known for its customer service.

It has been the top-rated company in vehicle protection plans for five years. There are several ways customers can contact the company when they need assistance.

Fully Insured Contracts

Many companies that offer vehicle protection plans are not insured. If they were to go out of business, the customers would be left hanging and would have to pay for the entire costs of future repairs.

CarGuard is backed by “A” rated insurers. This gives customers peace of mind, knowing their plans will always be honored.

CarGuard Offers Plans To Meet Different Needs

CarGuard offers several different platinum plans, a gold plan, a powertrain plan, and a maintenance plan to better service car owners’ different needs and vehicles.

The platinum plan becomes a powertrain plan only after 125,000 or 100,000 miles. This depends on whether the customer selects the platinum deluxe or platinum plus program. The platinum program is for new cars and offers up to 125,000 or 150,000 miles of coverage.

The powertrain plans are the powertrain enhanced, gold plus, and gold plans, which also offer roadside assistance features.

The gold plans cover the engine, turbo or supercharger, suspension, drive train, transmission, transfer case, fuel system, electrical system, and cooling system. The platinum plans also cover seals and gaskets, and steering components.

For those who simply want to maintain their cars, the prepaid maintenance plan offers three oil changes, brake pads or shoes, cooling system maintenance, lube, and battery replacement.

All plans include roadside assistance, car rental, trip interruption,  and prepaid maintenance. Fees for the various plans are flat rates and are listed in a brochure on the CarGuard website. There are no hidden fees or surprises, and monthly fees are listed for each plan.

Many car owners need protection for their vehicles beyond what the manufacturers offer. CarGuard Administration offers plans to suit nearly every car owner who wants additional peace of mind or whose vehicle is no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

For drivers concerned and want the best programs available for their money, it is a good idea to visit the company’s website and read the brochures that list the different programs and prices. CarGuard Administration makes it easy to compare their plans to the plans their competitors offer.

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