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Car Safety Features You Should Look For

Almost every new car is equipped with a safety feature called rear cross-traffic alert. This feature warns drivers when a vehicle coming from behind approaches. The feature not only makes your job easier, it is also safer for both you and the vehicle that’s coming up behind you. To learn more about these features, read on. Adaptive cruise control is another great feature to look for in a car. Blind-spot monitoring is another feature to look for.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control is a car security feature that keeps you safe by maintaining a preset speed and following distance. It is highly recommended by professionals like It uses computer-connected cameras and radar to keep your car within a safe distance from other vehicles. If your car detects a car ahead, the system will slow down and resume following the vehicle. The system has limited braking ability, but will alert you to apply the brakes.

Blind-spot monitoring

One way to protect yourself from an accident is by installing blind-spot monitoring. This system helps you spot oncoming vehicles so you can avoid them. It can also lower your insurance. The following are some of the benefits of blind-spot monitoring. – Saves your life if you have a collision with an oncoming vehicle: Blind-spot monitoring can prevent accidents by alerting you to an oncoming vehicle.

Adaptive lighting

Adaptive lighting systems are a new addition to modern cars. These systems automatically adjust the light beam to match the surrounding traffic situation. Oncoming traffic, for example, will have their light zone reduced, while vehicles in front will have theirs increased. They also help prevent collisions by creating a cone-shaped light beam that travels with the car when it corners. Adaptive lighting systems can help save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Electronic stability control

Electronic stability control (ESC) is a safety feature that works to correct a car’s course and minimize skidding during an emergency evasive swerve. It helps keep a car in control and keeps it from overcorrecting its steering wheel. Even well-intentioned drivers can sometimes understeer a turn, especially on slippery roads or when hydroplaning. An ESC will prevent these problems by applying brake pressure to the appropriate wheel when the car is out of control.

Anti-lock brakes

ABS, or anti-lock brakes, are a great safety feature to have on your car. They were first used in aircraft during the 1950s, but were unreliable. Later, electronic versions became available. In the early 1970s, engineers at the Fiat Research Center developed an improved version of ABS, which was then incorporated into the production model of the Chrysler Imperial. Its widespread use and safety benefits made ABS a necessary car safety feature.

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