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Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Getting a motorcycle insurance policy has been made mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. But is that the sole reason why you should get your bike insured? Certainly not! Getting proper insurance for your bike comes with a host of benefits that can save you from hefty expenditures down the line. With that being said, here’s outlining all the benefits associated with getting a bike insurance policy.

1. Offers protection against all calamities

A prime benefit of motorcycles insurance is that it offers you coverage against both natural and man-made calamities. So, you will receive the necessary compensation if your vehicle is damaged or lost due to riots, theft, or burglary. At the same time, you are entitled to compensation in case of vehicular damage caused by natural calamities like hurricanes, thunderstorms, tsunamis, earthquakes, and so on. Therefore, you will not suffer a total financial loss in both cases.

2. Coverage for the damage caused to the other person

Motorcycle online insurance covers the damages done to the third party in an accident. So, for any repair that their property might need or medical attention they require, you will not have to bear the entire cost from your pocket.

3. Protecting the person riding with you

The passenger on your bike is in as much danger from an accident as you are. With motorcycles insurance, you can even help them pay the medical bills resulting from the injuries suffered. The rider might not have any or adequate health insurance cover. So, your bike insurance policy can also help them in a situation of financial distress.

4. Getting coverage for your personal injuries

With the cost of healthcare showing a steady rise, motorcycles insurance becomes even more of a necessity. Regardless of how safe or cautious you try to be, accidents are unpredictable. If you run into an accident, then you will at least not need to worry about the medical bills because the insurance policy can take care of that. All you will have to do in such a situation is to focus on getting better.

5. A host of add-ons available

These days, bike insurance policies come with a host of add-ons. So, you can choose the ones you need for better coverage. For instance, you can get consumables coverage to get compensated for all damage to the consumables. You can opt for depreciation coverage to make sure you do not pay the price of the inevitable depreciation of your bike.

The bottom line

So, if you are planning to buy a bike, then get adequate insurance cover at the same time. Start looking into all the available insurance policies right away to get a better idea about add-ons and premiums. It will help you choose a good policy for your bike.

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