4 facts about construction site accidents in New York

Construction sites might appear to be another world, full of a wide range of specialized tools, trucks, and equipment, all of which are powerful and can pose a risk to workers and onlookers if they are misused due to a lack of training or unsafe working conditions. As a result, when complicated and demanding tasks, such as the maintenance and development of infrastructures, workplaces, houses, and roads, are conducted, workers and innocent spectators might suffer a wide range of injuries, including death. If you are injured while on the job, call now for a free consultation.

Why do accidents happen?

Construction workers who use heavy and powerful equipment, machinery, and tools can suffer catastrophic injuries if contractors and worksite supervisors fail to create and maintain a safe working environment.

The following are some of the most prevalent construction-related injuries:




-Injuries to the brain


-Injury to the spinal cord

-Injury to the skin caused by a fire

-Hearing loss is a common problem.


-Damage to the nerves

-Poisoning with lead


What do the statistics show?

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, construction workers account for 22 percent of all workplace fatalities. Approximately 11 million construction employees in the United States, accounting for around 8% of the labor force. 

These figures remain despite strict safety standards and procedures designed to keep construction employees safe while working in confined spaces, excavation sites, or at tremendous heights.

What are the impacts of such accidents?

Construction accidents in New York can happen abruptly and unexpectedly. Still, they can have a long-term destructive effect on workers and their families, posing an unplanned difficulty as they deal with physical, financial, and emotional challenges. 

How are workers compensated?

When a construction worker is seriously injured due to the negligence of a supervisor, subcontractor, contractor, or manager, the victim or their family may be eligible for compensation for damages and financial costs associated with the injury and accident, in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. 

Compensation for an injured construction worker can often assist cover lost pay, future medical treatment, expenditures, physical pain and suffering, and even job retraining.

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