What Makes a Good Jewellery Heirloom?

You may want to consider starting your own jewellery collection with the purchase of a good jewellery heirloom. There is nothing more enjoyable than curling up with a good book and picking up some earrings or a pendant. Maybe you want to buy a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation, such as a silver wedding band that was gifted by one of your ancestors. Carus jewellery is the best place to buy this kind of antique jewellery. A great jewellery heirloom will be something unique to you, as well as something very beautiful to wear. It will also last for a very long time, so will provide you with an investment that is worth keeping for many years to come.

History behind the jewellery

When looking at what makes a good jewellery heirloom, you will probably want to start with the history behind it. What types of materials were used to create the piece? Was it created using precious metals, or was it crafted from something less expensive?

How was the piece made?

Next, you will want to consider how the piece was made. Were the wires formed by hammering the metal into place, or was it stamped like a stone? This is important to know, because you will want to avoid reworking any of the moulds, if they are stamped. Even though a stone or wiremold may look nice, if the mold is not solid it could break easily. If you are unsure about whether a mould was made correctly, you might want to look it over before you buy the jewellery heirloom.

Decorations on the piece

Also take a look at the decorations on the piece. Some people prefer simple decorations, while others want their jewellery to have elaborate designs. This all depends on personal preference. If you are going for a more elaborate design, you will probably be able to get away with making your own jewellery.

Clean the jewellery

When you start to clean your jewellery heirloom, make sure to take the piece out of the cabinet before you start cleaning. Most pieces have intricate designs and cleaning them can be messy. Even though it says it is an heirloom, if it has many stains it probably cannot be cleaned like other jewellery. You should also check under the piece, to make sure it is not damaged.

How to clean the jewellery

In order to clean your piece, you need to first remove the stones. If you are cleaning a precious stone piece, you will need to use a solvent cleaner. If it is just some gold, silver or copper items you could just use soap and water. The soap and water will help to loosen up the dirt and debris that is stuck on the piece. You could also try using a toothbrush as well, but make sure that the toothbrush is made for cleaning jewellery. If you are looking for what makes a good jewellery heirloom, then you should go for the more sturdy pieces and leave the cheap ones for junk.


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