Top three models of women’s western hats- know how to wear them, also other tips

The hat, an accessory closely related to protecting the skin and head, emerged to defend us from the weather, such as the scorching sun, cold, and rain. Over time, it has become indispensable. Both men and women worldwide started wearing it as a symbol of their status, fashion, and style.

Nowadays, we can find several types of hats for women, and each one obeys a different style, dictating fashion and revealing personalities. It is an elegant accessory of acceptable treatment and that composes the clothing of both sexes. However, it is good to remember that the hat will not guarantee the success of the total composition. The user should use common sense. It is worth remembering that the cap should be the outfit’s focus and, therefore, other accessories should be in the background.

  • How wearing a hat can help you

Here is no doubt that hats are necessary for many of us. They are friendly, warm, and very comfortable. They can change the appearance of our costumes, adding an exciting “vibe” to our outfits. Even if you have a classic style, we encourage you to integrate hats into your wardrobe. You will not regret it.

1. Because your hair is having a bad day, it happened to us all

We wake up after a long night’s rest, and our hair is a bird’s nest. Luckily, you always have the option to grab a fedora hat and give your hair a good thrashing.

2. Because you want to take the formality out of your attire

Hats are ideal for when you want to design a relaxed, casual look.

3. Because you are late and cannot stop combing your hair

Keep a cap handy, and you are done.

4. Because your hair is dirty

Let us face it; there are days when our hair is simply less shiny than it should be. For those occasions, the cap is a perfect lifesaver.

  • When to use

First, it is essential to say that hats are accessories you must use in outdoor events and during the day. Thus, they are perfect for the following occasions – on city tours, festivals, weddings, shows, in restaurants (but only outdoors), on the beach, etc.

  • How to wear a hat: Fedora model

Fedora emerged in 1940, used only by men; more recently, women the model have adopted this model as well. It was the primary icon of our protagonist in the Indiana Jones films. It has another identity known as Borsalino, a tribute to Giuseppe Borsalino’s creator.

The main features of a women fedora hat are a medium-sized, straight brim and a crown with a well-marked crease. The materials that make up the piece are felt straw or denim. It is a very democratic model allowing you to assemble looks of various styles.

  • How to wear a hat: Cowboy model

The hat is part of the western style. Perfect to use in the countryside or for those women who love to go to country music shows dressed in character with jeans, a belt with a large buckle, and boots. Nevertheless, it does not have to be restricted to these occasions. The straw model is exciting to change the beach hat, and as the front brim is long, you can protect your face from the sun.

  • How to wear a hat: Panama hat

Contrary to what the name implies, it does not come from Panama but Ecuador. The model is traditionally transparent with closed weaves made with the straw of the palmate plant, finished off with a black ribbon. The material is perfect for use on hot days. It is a success!

  • Other tips on how to wear a hat

  • A good tip is color inversion. If the outfit is colorful, then choose a hat in neutral tones. If you are going to wear a more colorful hat, wear neutral clothes. Oval faces (with more prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin) look best with medium-sized bowler hats and brims, so floppy or bowler hats are not perfect.
  • Square-faced women should use and abuse the models of hats with wider brims and rounded cups of medium to large size. If you have a round face, bet on models with medium or high cups with proportional flaps to lengthen. Avoid the Cloche model. The Floppy model is highly recommended.
  • Those with a triangular face (a very narrow chin and the rest of the face wider) should prefer hats with cups and rounded brims and smaller ones. The bowler hat is a good choice but avoids Panama and Fedora.
  • If you are overweight, the most suitable hat is one in which the crown is high, and the brim is medium, thus giving the impression of a thinner face and body. For an outdoor wedding, a hat with a wide brim is perfect. Nevertheless, if the event is in the afternoon, give preference to the one with a narrower bill.

Now that you know what to look for, go ahead and buy the one you adore. So, which hat will you wear?

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