Dreamland Needs: How do I find the Perfect Bed?

Sleep is one of the most important things we need to have in our bodies whenever we start our day. Haven’t you noticed when you only have three to four hours of sleep, you’re usually too groggy to focus even with having caffeine in your system?

One of the things that can affect your quality of sleep is your mattress. It’s essential to have a bed that fits your preferences (and budget) so that there’s a high chance that you can sleep soundly throughout the night.

In the end, you might be wondering how you can find the bed that’ll make you the most comfortable? Well, luckily for you, you’re on the right page. Read on below to get started on your journey to finding the perfect bed for you.

Is it time to change your bed?

There’s no denying that a mattress is an essential investment. It’s okay to take your time educating yourself if there’s a need to change your bed. The lifetime of most mattresses usually lasts up to seven to ten years.

The first task you can do is check your mattress by removing the bed sheet and pillows. Do you notice signs of sagging or squeakiness (if you own an innerspring bed)? Then it really may be the time to change your bed. Also, there are invisible signs to an aging mattress, e.g., you’ve been getting more allergies as the day goes by.

Set a budget.

Setting a budget before purchasing is an essential lifehack that any buyer should practice. By doing this before buying anything, it helps you become responsible for handling your money. Also, as you get used to this practice, you can quickly determine where you can get the best deals.

Of course, it has the same importance when it comes to mattress shopping. It includes you being more aware of the products sold both online and in-store. When determining a budget, it entails you’ve done your research to end up with a budget.

Finally, it would help you not end up with a mattress that you can’t afford. As mentioned above, a bed is an investment, a costly one at that; that’s why it’s essential to have a budget so that you can continue living comfortably without worrying about being bankrupt but still end up with the best mattress 2021 has to offer!

Pick a type of bed.

Memory Foam

This type of bed can cater to everyone because it has both firm and soft options. It’s known for its ability to hug your body because of the pressure and warmth your body produces. Additionally, there is little motion transfer making it a perfect addition to a couple’s room.


If you want a familiar option, innerspring beds may be the one for you. These beds are made up of springs for their core system. It’s been around long before your childhood days, and it’s known for its affordability. Also, you will have various options on firmness level.


This bed is perfect for couples because you can easily change the firmness level of both sides using an air pump. It’s a convenient item to have, especially when you’re just staying in a dorm room.

What size is your mattress going to be?

If you’re unsure, be sure to measure the current mattress you have if you want your new mattress to be the same size. If not, you can measure how big you want it by sticking tape first, then measuring it. By doing this, you’re decreasing your chance of ending up with the wrong size of the mattress and eventually saving yourself time, money, and energy.

If you can, test your top choices for mattresses.

Spend at least 20 minutes in each of the mattresses you think would suit you. Lay down on it with the most comfortable clothes you can (mimicking your clothes during bedtime) and try to nap. It will help determine if you’ll be happy with the mattress in the long run.

Why not purchase a bed online?

Did you know that purchasing online gives you more options that have better deals than shopping in-store? Granted, you can’t test a mattress before buying it. Still, online companies offer a much more extended trial period so that you can comfortably try the bed at home without worrying about the eyes of salespersons and other customers.

Additionally, if you shop on the Internet, there’s a high possibility that you can get free delivery. Most companies offer these to different places in the United States. You won’t have to worry because it will be delivered right to your doorstep!

Do your research.

It’s like in school where our teachers taught us about lessons, and afterward, we will be quizzed about things we learned in the classroom. By here, the studies you’ll discover will be done by you searching on the Internet, and the quiz will be if the bed fits with your preferences.

Conducting your research is a way to lay out the playing field and get a better view. It will give you a better advantage when you’re in the store yourself, and you can avoid getting swayed by the marketing strategies used by retailers.


Now that you’re done reading the information above, you’re one step closer to finding the bed of your dreams! Follow the tips mentioned above, especially  when conducting your research so that you can make an informed decision when you’re finally at the mattress store.

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