Common Types of Car Accidents Are Caused by Drunk Drivers.

Consuming alcohol in any quantity has an effect on your mind as well as your body. It has the capability of affecting your decision and even causing nauseatic feelings. If this situation is combined with driving, it can cause accidents that may not look good. 

Driving under the influence, most commonly known as DUI, may have severe outcomes in your life. If you have been injured in Sacramento, your hired attorney can brief you all about it if you ask about it. Below we have mentioned some of the most common types of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Types of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

1. Head-on collision.

Drunk drivers can become dizzy and may lose their vision while driving, resulting in a driver colliding into a vehicle head-on. These kinds of accidents are some of the fatal accidents as the passengers and individuals in the car bear a sudden impact upon themselves.

2. Getting hit from rear-end.

It’s sometimes difficult to analyze the distance from one car to another, and this may depend on different individuals. The driver’s vision becomes more distorted when combined with alcohol intoxication. This can make the driver unable to react to the situation, causing the accidents. 

3. Crashing a walking pedestrian. 

As we have discussed earlier, the impact of alcohol and how it affects the human senses. Some of the most commonly reported accidents include pedestrians where the drunk driver hits the pedestrian walking on the road due to their vision stylishster or dizziness.

What must I do in this situation?

If you or someone you know gets into an accident, then the first thing that you must do is stay calm and collect yourself. Once you get hold of your senses, you must call 911 depending upon how injured you are, or if you cannot do it, you must ask someone around you to do it.

 After getting treated medically, you must document all the hospital bills and keep a record of all your medical expenses. Your lawyer would require all these documents when they file your insurance claim. Here, the driver at fault would be responsible for all the damages they have caused you. Moreover, try getting a hold of the police report made by the officer in charge at the scene. 

You must provide all the information necessary to your lawyer to get the complete compensation you deserve. This begins with taking the first step, which is hiring a skillful attorney that will make sure that you win your case.

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