How Yamaha NMAX Can Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

The Yamaha NMAX 2021 scooter is perfect for those who are looking for a stylish and affordable way to get around town. This scooter is packed with impressive features that make it easy and fun to ride. The Yamaha NMAX 2021 is perfect for both commuting and weekend cruising. So if you’re in the market for a new scooter, be sure to check out the Yamaha NMAX 2021. You won’t be disappointed!


Yamaha NMAX is indeed the cheapest maxi-scooter in Yamaha’s premium MAX family of the maxi-scooters, aimed at users who want an affordable but high-quality scooter which is also comfortable for lengthy journeys. Yamaha NMAX is offered in two different types in the Philippine 2 wheels market: S and standard; both have new color schemes as compared to the previous model.

The Standard price starts from 119,900 PHP and comes in three color schemes: Icon GrayMatte Re and Sword Gray. The S model comes with a dual ABS and three-color options: Sword Gray, power Gray, and icon Gray, with an MSRP of 144,500 PHP. At this pricing, the Yamaha NMAX 2021 competes directly with the PCX160 Honda.

Yamaha NMAX design

The 2021 NMAX appears to be quite huge, having large metal parts and a curvy style that appears to be one size larger than Yamaha Aerox, but it has a more delicate appearance that should attract a more adult audience.

Yamaha NMAX has a big and rounded front end, mostly hidden by the blobby front apron. A compact headlamp with dual-LED arrangement is incorporated with daylight running LEDs in the lower middle area of the front apron. The front apron’s side sections include several noticeable creases, which manage to give some aggression to the scooter’s frontal appearance. However, Yamaha NMAX’s overall front shape appears to be slightly exaggerated, which may have polarized opinions. Unfortunately, a large windscreen covers the upper middle portion of its front apron, which is not movable.

Like any traditional maxi-scooter, the NMAX has a split floorboard that flows and blends with well-structured body panels of rear-side. These panels appear to be relatively thin compared to the scooter’s total size, culminating in a broad LED tail light. The turn indicators are also integrated into the tail lamp cluster, and the pillion grab handle is large and comfortable to hold. The 2021 NMAX’s long well-padded seat includes a useful under-storage space of 23.5 liters.

A tiny but informative instrument console lies behind of lengthy handlebars of Yamaha NMAX, that has superior switchgear. The speedometer, tachometer, odometer, clock, trip meter and fuel gauge are all displayed on this unit. However, the fonts are excessively small and congested, especially when driving.

Yamaha NMAX’s Powertrain

The 155cc engine of Yamaha NMAX is shared with Aerox, that is obtained from popular motorcycles like the MT-15 and YZF R15. This engine produces PS of 15 max output and 13.9 Nm peak torque in the NMAX and comes with high-tech features such as Blue Core, variable valve actuator and an idle start-stop system.

Yamaha NMAX Handling

This scooter’s entire suspension design includes hydraulic forks telescopic upfront and a single-side coil of hydraulic spring in the back, which has been tweaked to cause the entire ride quality pleasant suitable for actually lengthier journeys. Both ends of the scooter are equipped with brakes of hydraulic discs.

YAMAHA NMAX features

The Yamaha NMAX boasts various distinctive features that help users have the safest and most comfortable riding experience possible. It includes a TCS (Traction Control System) that blocks the back tire from losing suction when a sensor senses any lapse, Double Channel ABS which appears with standard with ABS for soft decelerating in fluctuating conditions, and an EPS (Electric Power Socket) which allows pocket storage with a water-resistant lid. A 7–8-inch phone or tablet fits in the right-side storage pocket.

Quality And Dependability

Except for the somewhat unreal front-end appearance, Yamaha NMAX possesses the luxury road spirit of a higher scooter, that is equally balanced with the high-end features it offers. Furthermore, Yamaha’s engine and handling balance expertise makes it a well-engineered vehicle.

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