Business card design trends

Each year we’re seeing businesses experiment with exciting innovative designs for their business cards. Every improvement in the look of a card that is used for visiting leads to a boost in your company’s image since it’s an ad that can be used as a mobile call-to-action. Additionally, over 70% of consumers are observant about the style of business cards. That implies that they should appear modern professional and imaginative. It is a reflection of the personality of the business and contributes to its marketing. We examine the most popular trends in designing visiting cards in 2022 to help modernize your company to the next stage.

How do you make a good business card?

A business card is used to identify an individual as a representative of their company. It is handed out to a prospective customer or client and many more. It is usually comprised of contact details (telephone/fax number address, street addresses, email web address) the name of the giver company logo as well as social media profiles like Instagram, Linkedln, Facebook and others.

Business cards at first was a simple black text printed on white paper however, in the latter 20th century, when technology developed, the visiting card’s design evolved. Nowadays, business cards that are designed professionally can contain one or more intriguing elements of design.

Business cards have has features

Important aspects include:

  • The card’s specifics depend on the individual’s preferences, culture preferences, etc. ;
  • Typically, the cards are made from a stock of 250 g/m2or more;
  • Spot colors in offset printing sheets presses are a standard way to print high-quality visitor cards, and so on.

Business cards of various types

The cards come in a variety of options built on specifications that can be quite different. Specifications can be modified according to the requirements of your. Therefore, there are three kinds of credit cards that you can use:


It is the most widely well-known type of clothing that is perfect for people who are just beginning their own company or profession. They’re priced low however, they use high-quality materials.


This card is a great option if you are looking for an exclusive look. It is smooth and has tactile characteristics of paper that creates a distinct impression of your company’s image.


The type of business card creates an impression of exclusivity and luxury. The paper can be made thicker and finished with double-wall.

Whichever type you select, the primary aspect is to design your perfect card that represents your business and makes a great impression on your customers. The primary purpose that the card serves is to express the general image of your company. Here are some of the visiting cards trends that will create a positive impression on your company.

Create a stunning business card.

“Speaking” cards

If you go back in time at the time, you’ll observe that visiting cards had an “strictly format”, but recently, they’ve been more…chatty. Certain cards have lengthy and meaningful messages, or a short ones (for instance, “Hello!”, “Nice to meet you!” or “Nice to meet you!.) Additionally, you must select a font that conveys the message you wish to communicate.

Card that isn’t

We’ve been seeing lots of new design concepts that are slowly moving into the fashions in business cards. One of them is an anti-card. This means that they were created partly for fun, and the other the other half to showcase your creative abilities while trying to stand out. They typically include some sort of pun, which is very popular with young people. With a little more fun, you will be different from more formal business cards. In addition, you’ll be able attract an entirely new and innovative customers to your brand.

Blended design

If you are a fan of anti-cards, but would prefer something that is more professional (serious) you should consider the combination of text and visual elements is the ideal business card solution in 2022. This will make your card have a an impactful visual appearance, and will make an impressive impression, without being too out of place. It’s a whole area for you to express your creative side!

Modernist style

The new is what’s been left out. The fashions of the mid-1900s are back! Their main message is “form has to follow function”. This design style incorporates basic shapes (triangles and circles) and the most basic colors and rigid grids. Additionally, the card features an imposing sans serif typeface.

Patters that are repeated

This design has been around for a long time. Nowadays, we see patterned line art that have their own roughness or chaotic and unpredictable artworks set against background backgrounds. If you wish to lessen this look, employ more traditional business practices such as curves or bold colors and so on.

Softie styles (bubble letters)

The style first came into the work of the legendary street artist, Phase 2. Modern softie designs include sharp corners, more straight lines, as well as a thick typeface to emphasize key words. When you mix these styles with vibrant colors they will be able to create nostalgia or a vintage feel to the designs.

Bottom line

A business card can be used to facilitate customers to reach your company, and to present them with a an overview of your business. It’s easy to create a collage of the most recent fashions and designs for your business card. It is essential to understand how you as well as your business are just one! Therefore, you must choose your brand carefully. don’t forget that your style of your brand reflects the type of person you are.

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