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4 Lawsuits an Auto Injury Lawyer can file against Drunk Drivers

More than 10,140 people died in the United States a couple of years ago in alcohol-impaired driving collisions. Drunk-driving crashes are only increasing despite the existence of stringent traffic laws and constant public awareness. Most of the victims of auto accidents after sustaining catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of a drunk driver become partially or fully disabled.

Driving a four-wheeler after the consumption of alcohol is a serious offense. Despite knowing that it is illegal and dangerous, many people continue driving under the influence. Aside from facing criminal penalties, victims’ lawyers can even sue those who drink and drive and cause fatal accidents. If you or a family member gets severely injured in a car accident in Kent because of a drunk driver, file a lawsuit.

To sue the guilty and obtain compensation for damages, injuries, sufferings, medical bills, and lost wages, having an experienced injury lawyer by your side is imperative. Read on to find out different lawsuits that a professional auto injury attorney can file against a drunk driver accountable for an accident.

Civil Lawsuits against Drunk-Driving

A civil lawsuit for a drinking and driving accident is not similar to a criminal proceeding that a drunk driver guilty of a car crash may face. On successfully proving the liability of the driver who drove under the influence of alcohol and caused the accident and injuries, you will qualify for compensation. It is only through a civil lawsuit you can salvage your losses, economic and non-economic damages.

Civil Lawsuits in a No-Fault State

Being a victim of a drunk-driving accident, you can file a civil case against the driver. States that abide by no-fault laws place a threshold except for car collisions unless sustained injuries are of a particular severity.

Victims need to meet the threshold to sue a drunk driver, liable for the auto crash and subsequent injuries and damages. Those who suffer minor injuries need to file a lawsuit with their insurance company.

Civil Cases in a Pure Negligence State

You have the complete authority to sue a driver accountable for an alcohol-impaired driving crash in which you sustained injuries if you reside in a pure negligence state. A proficient car accident injury attorney can help you file a civil suit hassle-free.

To prove the drunk driver’s fault, you need complete legal assistance from a lawyer specialized in handling drunk-driving accident cases. A skilled injury litigator can help you sue the guilty by getting the better of insurance representatives and defense attorneys.

Lawsuit for Wrongful Death

If a near and dear one of yours dies in a drunk-driving collision, you or any other member of your family have the opportunity to file a suit for wrongful death. Filing such a claim on behalf of the deceased can help you or other survivors receive financial compensation. The surviving members can recover economic, non-economic damages (pain, mental sufferings, etc.) and punitive damages.


Becoming a victim of a terrifying drunk-driving collision and sustaining major injuries can adversely impact your life for years. Hence, you should rely on an auto injury lawyer to sue the drunk driver and become eligible for compensation. Ensure your attorney is adept at filing different lawsuits against drivers who drink and drive and cause accidents.

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